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Body Image

Are You Having A Fit About Fit ?

Very few women have that “hour glass” shape. Be it the third grade teacher, the accountant or the advertising executive. World famous supermodel Tyra Banks will tell she does not have it either. We’re all different and come in different sizes. Some of us are pear shaped: large hips and small waist, some are apple shaped: thick waist, full bust etc. The list is infinite. As Jay-Z, popular rap artist would say we have 99 problems and size IS ONE!

So what am I getting at? As women we have been trained to shop by numbers. You know what I mean. I am a size X, always have been, always will be. When will we realize it’s all relative. I was with a young lady the other day and she was expressing her frustration to me about her dress size. Apparently, while out shopping she discovered she was two sizes larger than she thought she was. You know what I told her “SO WHAT”.

There are so many tricks in the world of fashion that it is hard to discern what a woman’s true size/shape is. Some women hide their entire body under layers of fabric because they don’t like their “love-handles, or their breasts are too large/small. What they don’t think to do is accentuate that part of themselves that is really great. They could have a slim waist, great thighs or a coveted back side, but you would never know because they walk around in a circus tent.

Preaching from the Pulpit Time In order to look your best, you MUST be honest with yourself and your body shape. You may not like it, you may curse your ancestors for those large hips, but you can’t change it. The first step is accepting who you are and figure out what your best attributes are. Once you figure that out, you can start to buy clothes that work for you. Everything else will fall in place.

Learn to work with what you DO have.

Tip: It’s about FIT not size. Remember it is just a number. Nothing more, nothing less. The French government ( is a partner in this program.

How To Motivate Yourself To Do Some Physical Activity


First of all if you have decided to engage in a physical activity to improve your body image, let me congratulate you since it is the first step in successful management, of not only your weight, but also your daily activities. Also, having motivation is the key to being successful at any physical activity you might take up.

Talking About Motivation

While I’m at it, motivation is the key to being successful at any activity you might take up. Also, try taking up sports to which you are naturally inclined to. In other words, you will have more motivation to cycle for example, if you love cycling. If however, you hate cycling, it will be rather difficult for you to engage in any cycling activities, no matter how healthy they are or might be, or whether you are conscious or not about the benefits this activity has on your health. Motivation is important, but be real about your concept of your body image and don´t fall for what the UK media encourages, instead understand that everyone struggles with body image issues, even celebrities and models!


If you are untrue loner, a hermit, in every sense of the word, you might choose activities which you can do all by yourself. Such activities might include running, cycling or doing physical exercises from your DVDs. Either way, if you have intrinsic motivation you might do these activities by yourself and physically benefit from them.

Finding a Buddy

If however you lack motivation for exercise, maybe you should find a friend to exercise with you. Not only that you will motivate someone else to be more aware of the need to do physical exercise and help them exercise, but also you will have someone give you a nudge when you don’t really feel like exercising. Also, people who have a buddy to exercise with usually don’t want to let their buddy down, so the go for a run let’s say even when they don’t feel so motivated to go for a run.

Exercising In A Group

Group activities and group sports, are not only a great way for you to be motivated and engage in a sport, but also it will allow you to make contacts and meet new people, possibly make new friends. Moreover, these people will share a passion and love for a certain sport just like you do. Therefore, you are bound to meet people who will not only contribute to your motivation and exercise, but people who are similar to you in a certain way and share common interests.

Combine All of These Methods
Another way to keep yourself fit, healthy and happy and motivate yourself to do physical exercise is to combine the methods I have previously enlisted. This will allow you to enjoy your alone time, for example when you are running, and engage in group activities when for example you are doing yoga. You can combine all of these methods according to your personal preference, or stick to just one or two of them.

Set A Goal

The most important advice for any type of physical activity and the motivation to do the said physical activities is certainly to set a certain goal for yourself. For instance, if you are running, time your lapses, or run a different distance, an extra mile or two every week. This will motivate you to achieve more and you will practice with ease.